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The story of 6 victims of land mines in Colombia, 3 former soldiers, 1 former police officer, 1 peasant and a girl recruited by the ELN guerrillas accompanied by a professor from the University of Medellín, an expert in explosives. In Mineland we can see how cinema is a powerful tool for their resilience and how landmines are a big problem in Colombia as they are now undetectable and each one costs less than a dollar. Colombia is the country with the highest number of landmine victims after Afghanistan and these are generally done to protect coca crops.


Director: Christian Ossa

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 71:00:00

Year: 2022

Topic: Disability - antipersonnel mines - human rights

Executive Producers: Lina Herrera and Christian Ossa

General Producer: Diana Suarez

Field Producer: Victor Ossa and Adriana Barrera

Production Assistance: María Victoria Matiz

General assistance: Elkin Carvajal, Andrés Cumaco and Santiago Moreno

Sound and Final Mix: Sebastián Díaz

Direct sound: Camilo Calderón

Music: Sebastian Diaz and Pedro Castillo

Photography: Yeison J. Rojas and Michael Páez

Research: Jeison Arias Ricardo

Editing: Yeison J. Rojas and Christian Ossa

Art: Luis F. Chara

Acting training: Andrea Duarte

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