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Colombia is the country with the most murders of environmental and social leaders in the world; it is the country that occupies the first place in species of birds and orchids; It is the second country in the world with the greatest wealth of plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish. In addition, it holds the third position in number of species of palms and reptiles and the fourth place in mammals.
Pico de Plata is a story related to courage, humility and the unexpected path to victory and human kindness from those who have not lost the relationship with their roots and their territories.

This story is embodied in Mary Espinoza, a rural woman who represents from her own vital logics the history of a community, a town and a battle in defense of the Cerro Pico de Plata in the Colombian Sumapaz region. 

In the municipality of Fusagasugá, a group of peasant women and men proclaim a great victory and an unprecedented path in defense of the Pico de Plata hill, creating a
epic battle against the Colombian state and a multinational and its economic and social conditions, in a country where defending its territory and protecting the environment can cost the lives of the defenders


Director: Christian Ossa

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 00:14:45

Year: 2021

Topic: Environment - mining - climate change

Executive Producer: Christian Ossa

General Producer and Communications: Diana Suárez

Original Music and Sound: Sebastián Díaz

Music: Sebastian Diaz and Alvaro Rodriguez

Director of Photography and Editing: Yeison J. Rojas

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